Sea Pines & Shipyard

Alligator on Hilton Head lagoon
Plantations are gated residential and resort communities that offer amenities to those who reside or rent within.  Special passes are required for access to vacation properties. Those who rent within a plantation receive those passes with their welcome packages.

Sea Pines Plantation is the oldest and best known plantation on Hilton Head Island.  It is home to the world famous Harbour Town yacht basin, Harbour Town Golf Links, and the South Beach Marina.  Golf, tennis, shops, restaurants, leisure trails, and an oceanfront beach club are some activities and interests enjoyed by Sea Pines guests.

Sea Pines Plantation provides (for a nominal charge) daily visitor passes for those staying outside the plantation who want to visit the marinas, shops, and restaurants.

Shipyard Plantation offers golf, tennis, and beach oriented properties.  These properties are just a short ride to shopping, dining, and other activities available in the adjacent Forest Beach area.  Activities in Shipyard include golf, tennis, leisure trails, and an oceanfront hotel complex with a restaurant and night club.

The other plantations on Hilton Head are residential though a few have public golf courses and some have restaurants and marinas.


 This page  Updated 02/09/2019