Groups and Organizations

Groups you might want to contact on your visit:

AARP 671-4721 Island Singles 341-5665
Al Anon 785-9630 Kiwanis Club of Hilton Head 681-9207
Alcoholics anonymous 785-2921 Knights of Columbus 671-1464
Alzheimer's support group 342-5599 Lions club 842-4422
American Legion 681-8822 Multiple Sclerosis Support group 681-1981
Audubon Society 671-4721 Narcotics Anonymous 852-3001
Camera Club of Hilton Head 785-4675 Overeaters Anonymous 689-9393
Chronic Pain Support group 757-2463 Parkinson's Disease Support group 705-5349
Computer Club of Hilton Head 842-4475 Power Squadron 681-8792
Croquet Club 681-3601 Prostate Cancer Support group 689-3129
Crisis Pregnancy Center 689-2222 Rotary club 686-4100
Diabetes Association 705-9724 Rotary club, sunset 363-5554
Elks Lodge 681-7460 Rotary club, Vanlandingham 689-9599
Fibromyalgia Support Group 342-3434l S.H.A.R.E. Senior Center 785-6444
Gamblers Anonymous 800-313-0170 Shrine Club 842-9112
Hilton Head hospital 681-6122 Sierra club 348-3935
Humane Society 681-8686 Toastmasters club 681-9351
Hilton Head Heroes 686-6856 Unanimity Masonic Lodge 671-6369

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