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Hilton Head Island, located in South Carolina just north of Savannah, Ga. is a world famous vacation destination for families who enjoy the beach and for golfers and tennis players.  Hilton Head has 14 miles of beautiful beaches, two dozen golfhilton head beaches courses (on the island or nearby), hundreds of tennis courts, and about 200 restaurants.  Hilton Head is a favorite of nature lovers as well. Hilton Head's climate is semi-tropical and dress is very informal.  

This Hilton Head Island information site will provide both first time visitors and returning visitors with information, suggestions and recommendations regarding the island, activities , rental lodging, beaches, nature, fishing and everything else.  Find out why Hilton Head Island is not like Myrtle Beach.

The links at the bottom of this page will provide a guide useful to both newcomers and returning visitors: 

First Time Visitors describes how to get to Hilton Head, provides a brief history and geographic information, lists available activities and will guide you on what to pack and what lodging is available for visitors, from villas and condos to homes to hotels.

Returning Visitors is an update for those who have been to Hilton Head in the past and want to know what has changed.  You might want to check out first time visitors for what to do to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Our Favorites presents activities, entertainment and places  to go on Hilton Head recommended by the web master personally, and represent the personal opinion of the web master.  As time goes on we hope to add favorites nominated by visitors who contact us through Your Comments, Please. We want this to be your web site and have already incorporated many suggestions and we have added the Visitors Recommend page.

Recommended Activities is similar to Our Favorites but presented in a different way and with prices. I developed it as a flyer for my family reunion and decided to add it to the site. Don't miss Free Fun Activities, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is devoted to answering questions that many visitors may have about Hilton Head.

Nature discusses the abundant wildlife visitors can enjoy while visiting Hilton Head.

Find Accommodations is where to go to find a place to stay while you vacation in Hilton Head.

Rental Property Owners is aimed primarily at potential owners or those contemplating putting their property on the rental market to help offset costs of ownership. Information provided includes expert guidance on selecting a rental agent and suggestions regarding  furnishings and amenities.

Calendar of Events is updated frequently and announces events and attractions as far in advance as dates are known.  Included are performing arts, festivals, tournaments and other entertainment of interest to visitors.  Schedule changes are beyond our control: be sure to call ahead.

Weather Forecast will give you the forecast for Hilton Head for the next week or so without taking you out of this site.

Kids camps will give you some ideas about activities designed expressly for the kids - things they can do without parents - not only for their enjoyment but to give you some time to yourselves. They can learn about alligators, go boating or kayaking, observe dolphins or just enjoy the natural wonders of Hilton Head.  Some of these allow parental participation.

Other links available will provide additional useful information to visitors and vacationers.

Another way to navigate this site, especially if you know what information you want, is to click on Site Map (Index) and follow the alphabetical links there.

The opinions and recommendations in "Favorite Places" are those of the author. Businesses recommended have not paid any consideration to be included - they are businesses with which the author is personally acquainted and in whose personal opinion offer a good quality product or service at a reasonable price.

We hope you can help us make this a better site by providing your comments about the site and your nominations for favorite places and activities.  Our feedback form is located at "Your comments please". 

 We have tried to be accurate - if you find a mistake, please let us know about it. 


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