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Adults can have some time alone while the children enjoy supervised activities, or in some cases the adults can participate, for example on the Bubble Gum Cruise on Fridays.
We have made every effort to be accurate, but you should always confirm with the sponsor.

We apologize updates occur so late - many of these providers do not announce until late in the season. We continuously update as information trickles in.

Items in blue have been announced for 2014

Items in green were available in 2013

Activity Dates Ages Sponsor More Info (843)
Non-specific activities
Island Recreation Center has a vast array of camps, activities, instruction, clinics, swimming lessons, etc. click here. Summer wide range IRC▓ 681-7273
Sports Camp 5:30-8:30PM 06/12-06/20 4-12 FPC 681-3696
Summer fun sports and games 9AM - Noon weekly 6/02-7/28 9-13 HHP 804-441-3745
Summer Camp 8:30 11:30 AM weekly 7/01-7-31 3 - 10 SBX 842-7645
Waterfun Day (Thurs. 9:30 to 12:30) June through August 4-12 CZ 671-3344
Bubblegum Cruise  Thurs. & Fri. 9:30-11 AM LINK 6/05-8/22 ALL GR 671-5440
Wonderful Wacky Wizzle Cruise with Shannon Tanner LINK 5/26-8/25 Thursdays 8:30-11 AM ALL  ST 785-4558
Just Us Kids Ages 3-5 half  day, 4-12 half or full day 5/26-8/31 3-12 S 842-2400
Waterfun day 7/1 3-7 PM
Shelter Cove Community Park
ALL IRC▓ 681-7273
Kid's waterfun day. Wed or Fri 9AM-noon Summer 7+ OHH 686-6996
Kids Night Out, Fridays 6-10 PM Sports, crafts, pizza, movies (Parents night out). 5/9, 6/27, 7/11, 9/12 5-10 IRC▓ 681-7273
Arts, Crafts, Music, Drama

Acting workshop (on camera) 1to 3 PM

6/02-6/06 10-14 HHP 804-441-3745

Acting workshop (on camera) 1to 3 PM

6/09-6/13 7-11 HHP 804-441-3745

Basketry 9AM- 3:30

6/09-6/13 8-16 HHP 804-441-3745

2D & 3d designs with handmade paper 9AM - 3:30PM

6/02-6/06 8-16 HHP 804-441-3745
Reading and math games 7/28-8/01 5-8 HHP 804-441-3745
Special needs kids        
Challenge Camp  for special needs kids 8AM-5PM 6/16-8/01 Mon. - Fri. 4-13 IRC▓ 681-7273
Variety of Lego oriented activities including robotics Summer 5+ B4K 298-1310
All Star Fun & Games (Various sports)  Full or half day

Weekly 6/2 to 7/28

4-8 HHP 804-441-3745
Summer camp -Circus acts, gymnastics, dance, etc. full or half days 6/09 - 8/11 ? MM  290-6898
Baseball Clinic  at HH High school 6/11 & 6/12 8-12 WOC Register
Basketball clinic HH High school  6/11-6/12 8-12 WOC Register 
Basketball clinic, HH High school 6/11-6/12 8-12 WOC Register 
Basketball (co-ed) morning and evening sessions 7/14-7/18 12-18 HHP 804-441-3745
Basketball offensive skills. 5 to 7 PM 6/09-6/11 11-18 HHP 804-441-3745
Cheerleading  HH High School 6/09 & 6/10 8-12 WOC Register
Cheer camp 6/16-6/20 5-10 HHP 804-441-3745
Football clinic 06/09 - 06/10 8-12 WOC Register
Golf camps offered by most golf courses Call golf courses      
Golf clinic 6/13 8-12 WOC Register
Horseback riding school by International Riding Academy. 5 day camp Summer 12-18 LS 671-2586
Jr. Sailing School  Wed. 9:00 to 1PM June through August 7-16 CZ 671-3344
Soccer camp 8:30AM -Noon 6/16-6/20 All HHP 804-441-3745
JA Elite soccer 8:30AM 4Pm 6/16/6/20 8-16 HHP 671-2286
Soccer camp, HH High school 6/09-6/10 8-12 WOC Register
Tennis Clinic HH High school 6/11 & 6/12 8-12 WOC Register
Volleyball, beginners (Girls)  5PM to 8PM 7/14-7/18, 7/21-7/25 11-18 HHP 804-441-3745
Ecology & Nature        
Discovery Days Tue and Wed 9AM- Noon. 2 day camp June-August 7-10 OHH 686-6996
Eco Venture Tue and Wed 9AM- Noon. 2 day camp June-August 11-14 OHH 686-6996
Coastal Discovery museum educational programs. Too many to list. Click here. 6/1 to 8/30 4 - 12 CDM 689-3033
Animal Care
Animal Care Camp 9AM-3:30PM 7/07-7/11 8-13 HHP 804-441-3745


Note ╣: Bricks for kids has a number of programs and classes using Lego bricks. More information here.

Note ▓: The Island Recreation Center offers many very reasonably priced programs - those listed here are the programs of most interest to visitors, and a complete on-line catalogue is available here.

Week of Champions is a non-profit Christian Youth Ministry program and offers numerous free sports clinics.  Call 843-415-3898 or click here for complete information.

The Coastal Discovery Museum offers many different programs for children (and adults) of all ages. Emphasis is on ecology and culture. Their activities are too numerous to mention here, but call them at 843-689-6767, pick up a calendar at most rental agencies and hotels or check their web site by clicking here. All their programs require advance reservations - call 689-6767.

Please call for more information and reservations before getting the kids all excited about these activities.  They might fill up or get cancelled for lack of interest or bad weather.


B4K Bricks for kids
CDM Coastal Discovery Museum
FPC First Presbyterian Church
GR Gregg Russell
HHP Hilton Head Prep school
IRC Island Recreation Center


Lawton Stables
MM Move and Motion
OHH Outside Hilton Head
S Sonesta Resort
SBX Sandbox
SA St Andrews-by-the-sea Methodist Church
SCYC South Carolina Yacht club
ST Shannon Tanner (Adventure Cruises)
TBB The Batters Box
WOC Week of Champions,  free clinics run by  professional athletes (Christian theme).
WR Westin Resort
Prepare the child for the path not the path for the child.

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