Hilton Head Island marinas

A note regarding hurricane Mathew: Several marinas were damaged by the hurricane. Most have completed repairs. Palmetto Bay marina was all but destroyed and is slowly recuperating. The hurricane damage may have caused some of the water oriented businesses to relocate. You should not assume your favorite water sport or fishing boat is located where it always was. Call ahead.

Broad Creek Marina  and Simmons Landing            (843) 681-3625 Launch facility

Harbour Town Yacht Basin                                          (866) 561-8802

Hilton Head Boathouse  and Schilling Boathouse    (843) 681-2628 Launch facility

Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort and Marina               (843) 681-3256 Launch facility (private)

Palmetto Bay Marina                                                    (843) 785-7131 Launch facility adjacent

Shelter Cove Marina                                                     (843) 842-7001

Skull Creek Marina                                                        (843) 681-8436 Launch facility

South Beach Marina                                                     (843) 671-6699 Launch facility

Windmill Harbour                                                          (843) 681-9235

All of these sell gasoline and many sell diesel fuel. The pumps at the South Beach marina are difficult to impossible to get to and serve mainly to service the rental craft.

Simmons Boat Landing, next to Broad Creek Marina, Jarvis Creek (behind the Crazy Crab restaurant), the docks at the Old Oyster Factory and  the docks behind Charlie's Crab restaurant are not  full fledged marinas, but host several water sports activities.

There are public boat launch facilities off Helmsman Way, under the Cross Island bridge, near the Palmetto Bay marina; on Pinckney Island on US 278 between the bridges; and one on Marshland road next to the Old Oyster Factory which can accommodate small craft.

2019 update on Palmetto Bay Marina

After an unfortunate history including lawsuits, a crooked lawyer, a suicide, a foreclosure, and hurricane Matthew, the marina was purchased by Palmetto Bay LLC in March of this year. They plan a new facility with aluminum docks with space for 144 boats. Construction is scheduled to start in October of this year. Meanwhile the marina continues to operate with diminished capacity.

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