Bypassing Sea Pines Circle

During the peak tourist season the traffic at Sea Pines Circle can get quite backed up. There is no need to go around the circle, which many visitors find intimidating. This map and directions should be all you need to avoid the backups. If you print this out, landscape orientation is the way to go.

map of ways around sea pines circleIf you are coming south from the Cross Island expressway, get in the right lane as you approach the circle and exit immediately. Shift to the left lane and turn left at Office Park Road (last left before the gate, at Marley's). Go to the light at New Orleans and Pope and proceed to your destination. Alternatively you can turn left at Target St. or Dunnagan's Alley and right on Arrow to New Orleans

If you are coming out of Sea Pines, turn right on Office Park, cross Pope onto New Orleans, and if you are going to the Cross Island, turn left on Arrow Rd. Arrow intersects Palmetto Bay at the approach to the Cross Island. If you are going up Hgwy. 278 you can stay on New Orleans to the light at 278.

Coming from Coligny, turn right on New Orleans and left on Arrow for the Cross Island. For places on 278, just stay on New Orleans to the light at 278.

Coming from 278, turn left on New Orleans or Arrow - the rest is obvious, but if you are going to Sea Pines it's difficult to turn left onto Greenwood from Office Park. It's better to turn right at Arrow, left at Target and use the traffic light to turn left on Palmetto Bay







This page Updated 03/25/2020



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